Double duty drugstore Beauty! Multi-Talented makeup From Neutrogena

wearing a few double-duty products from Neutrogena! — crease proof shadow in improper Copper as a highlighter on my upper cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose, healthy Skin blends Bronzer in Sunkissed as an eyeshadow on my lower lash lines, MoistureSmooth color Stick in healthy Peach as a blush on my cheeks, and Nourishing long wear liquid makeup broad Spectrum SPF 20 in warm beige as a concealer under my eyes
C’est vrai.

You really do learn something new every day — like yesterday I learned that a ton of Neutrogena makeup products actually double as…well, they double. They’re multitasking, which is super cool, for one, because a) they’re drugstore, so they’re totally affordable, and b) if you’re traveling somewhere or just want to lighten your makeup load, it’s always nice to have a product that can do a bunch of things.


Celebrity makeup artist Amy Oresman broke it down for me in Nashville yesterday as I sat (OMG!) in her makeup chair. She just broke it down, man. She had some terrific product recommendations from the Neutrogena line, like the brand’s crease proof Eye Shadows…

1. crease proof Eye shadows in stay golden and improper Copper ($8.49 each)

Improper Copper in my crease…
There are two she really loves — stay golden and improper Copper. stay golden she compared to, basically, Nylon or Shroom Eye shadow from MAC, but in cream form.

Cream shadows with a built-in primer, these were designed for lids, but they work on other parts of the face, too — especially as a highlighter. Amy will take either one, stay golden or improper Copper, and apply it directly to the skin. then she buffs it down with a foundation brush.


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On me, because I have a deeper skin tone, she used improper Copper, which is kind of like a coppery gold with subtle shimmer.

Amy Oresman has worked her makeup magic on a multitude of makeup-loving mavens, including Madonna, Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham, Hayden Panettiere, Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Roberts and Kate Bosworth. “When it comes down to it,” she says, “we all want the same thing — to look and feel beautiful.”

She applied it directly from the stick, too, right into the crease of my eyes, and then brought it out to my upper cheekbones, still just using the stick. then she blended it all in with a foundation brush for a super soft, really glowing highlight.

And you can use it on other parts of the face — wherever you would apply a traditional highlight, like down the bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow, that kind of thing.

Stay golden works terrific for all skin tones, but it rocks the Casbah on fair skin; Amy recommended improper Copper for medium and darker skin tones.

Yay, so that’s one thing.

But there’s more…

Sometimes Amy also likes to rub the stick shadows in her palm to get some product in there, and then she’ll mix that with a foundation. yesterday she did that with Neutrogena Nourishing long wear makeup Foundation, a liquid foundation, mixed those together in her palm, and just applied on me where she wanted more of a shimmery, dewy finish.

So, yeah, that’s one majorly multitasking product in the Neutrogena makeup line.

Amy also recommends the MoistureSmooth color Sticks, which are first and foremost sheer lip balms, and I love these.

2. Neutrogena MoistureSmooth color Sticks ($8.49 each)

Amy applying healthy Peach MoistureSmooth color Stick Gloss on my cheeks as a blush
I use Fresh Papaya. love it, wear it all the time, but what I didn’t know until yesterday was that these also double as cream blushes. You can put them on top of foundation, powder, bare skin.

Amy will apply the color Sticks directly on the cheeks, on the apples of the cheeks, and then just blend that in with a foundation brush to give a nice, sort of light, sheen to the cheeks with a pop of color, and then, if you don’t want to deal with finding a coordinating lip color, you just take that same color Stick and apply it on your lips.

Next up, healthy Skin blends Bronzer in Sunkissed. one of three healthy Skin blends Bronzers from Neutrogena — these are the ones with the little squares inside the palettes. Amy calls Sunkissed a terrific eyeshadow palette that nobody knows about.

3. healthy Skin blends in Sunkissed ($11.49)

You can use the shadows individually (which isn’t easy, though, because the little squares are small), or mix them together. With me, she took the darker shade in Sunkissed, which she compared to something like MAC Soft Brown, and used that just beneath my lash lines.

Amy says that if you’re gonna wear something like a shimmer on your lids, it’s nice to also use something like a matte eye shadow along your lower lash lines, and Sunkissed bronzer, even though it’s not an eyeshadow by name, is terrific for que. With it, your lids will be the accent part of your eyes, and the matte eYeshadow mettra parti de vos couvercles.

Enfin, la nouvelle fondation de maquillage liquide longue usure nourrissante neutrogène …

Ok, c’est ce qui est tombé sur: alors je suis assis sur la chaise d’Amy, et je suis comme: “Amy, tu sais, je stresse totalement le correcteur. Je me sens juste comme si j’en mettais trop parce que je ne sais pas, j’ai l’air si fatigué tout le temps. Que puis-je faire pour couvrir mes cernes, mais pas avoir ce look lourd de la texture de concepteur-y? ”

4. Nourrissant Longuet Fair Maquillage à large spectre SPF 20 (15,99 $)

Elle a recommandé la nouvelle base de maquillage liquide nourrissante à longue usure de Neutrogena. Elle a dit qu’il est fantard pour une peau plus mature (j’aime bien le son de ça, lol! “Plus mature”) parce qu’il ne s’installent pas dans des lignes fines et ce n’est pas crémeux – c’est un liquide, donc ça ne fait pas que La zone des yeux a l’air lourd ou texturé.

Elle l’applique directement sous les yeux avec ses doigts, attend environ 30 secondes, puis blendit cela avec ses doigts. Elle l’aime pour couvrir les cernes car c’est un mat, de sorte qu’il ne bouge pas et que vous ne devez pas la mettre avec de la poudre.

Beaucoup de produits multitâches formidables pour obtenir plus de bang pour votre argent dans la ligne de maquillage Neutrogena.


Je ne savais même aucun de ça! Sérieusement, vous apprenez vraiment quelque chose de nouveau chaque jour.

Votre addict amical de beauté de quartier,


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